Coronavirus Vaccine News

This is a huge technological breakthrough and has massive advantages over other vaccines for Coronavirus :-

1) It can be delivered to patients via the post ( allowing mass deployment, very fast )

2) It is easily self administered ( just swallowed like an aspirin )

3) There’s no need for any injections ( no healthcare professionals at risk )

In the pharmaceutical world , Stabilitech is still a tiny player but their solution could totally change the way ALL vaccines are delivered.

This is a true revolution and Stabilitech have the potential solution the world is so desperately seeking right now.

Take a look at the video via this link and find out how you can get shares in this company

Stabilitech BioPharma Redefining the way we make and take vaccines.

World Health Organisation, list of vaccine developers (Stabilitech on page 2) –

Patents held by Stabilitech – Stabilitech sign manufacturing agreement with Biocell, New Zealand –

The Covid 19 Corona Vaccine Breakthrough in the UK is not too far away.

A Vaccine For Covid-19 has been developed by a British Biotech company Stabilitech .

The coronavirus pandemic is world news so it is great news to hear that human trials are not far away.

The best way to stay in touch with any covid 19 coronavirus vaccine breakthrough is to keep an eye on the biotechnology companies around the world .

One of the companies developing a covid 19 vaccine , Stabilitech , is working closely with Angel Business Club .

ABC can now offer shares to all it’s paying members and will be available by the end of June 2020.

Shares can only be obtained through ABC

Just imagine the impact to your future finances if you became involved?

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